About Arnold's Shirtwerks

We initially chose the name Arnold's Shirtworks for our business since we had been doing business as Arnold's Concessions at fairs and shows in the area for many years. Then we discovered that there was a shirtworks in the area and we wanted to be unique so we changed our name to Arnold's Shirtwerks.

The business opened in 1982 on November 2nd. It was a great time to sell t-shirts and jackets! We had some issues to overcome in the beginning, for one example skunks! These critters lived underneath over building and we had to find a way to get rid of them.

In three years, we had seriously grown out of that first store. Roger Olson called us and we decided to join him in the building down the street that he was in the process of renovating. This is the building we are still in today!

Arnold's Shirtwerks has been making printed garments available in the many categories for small businesses so they can look professional and advertise their business successfully. We established many company accounts and work closely with those accounts to create their artwork and digitize their design.

The Process

Once a customer places an order, we keep their logo on file and we are able to sell them additional items as needed for new employees or promotions.

Customer service is what we do and we will go above and beyond to take care of you. Need something delivered in a hurry? We have you covered. Quality work is first on our list and we will work with your deadlines.
Other areas we cover in additional to our wearables are the following: trophies, plaques, printed graphics on metal, mugs, can coolers, mouse pads, seat cushions, car flags and more!

Arnold's Shirtwerks is a family business and we have the thought process of 'how can we do it better.' We are never happy until your product is perfect.